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25.09.17 macOS High Sierra’s biggest updates happen behind the scenes With all of the new features packed into iOS 11, High Sierra is something of a disappointment. It’s a bit like getting socks and underwear for Christmas. You know it’s necessary and you’ll be happier six months from now when you don’t have to walk around with your toes poking out of holes, but for now, you wish there were a few more video games and action figures mixed… Read More http://ift.tt/2wS5OA3
25.09.17 Jopwell raises $7.5 million to further its mission to diversify companies Jopwell, the recruiting startup focused on diversity, has raised a $7.5 million Series A round led by Cue Ball Capital, bringing its total funding up to $11.75 million. Founded by Porter Braswell and Ryan Williams, Jopwell has an impressive group of investors, including Magic Johnson Enterprises, Andreessen Horowitz, Kapor Capital and Joe Montana. This new round of funding will enable Jopwell… Read More http://ift.tt/2xFqsaJ
25.09.17 Intel’s New Chip Design Takes Pointers From Your Brain Silicon neurons might make machines like cars and robots smarter and more independent. http://ift.tt/2hpYU31
25.09.17 Snapchat’s new Filters can transform the sky above your head Snapchat’s latest augmented reality feature is another implementation of the tech that applies to the world, rather than the faces found in frame when you take a picture. They’re called ‘Sky Filters,’ and they can automatically detect sky in your images, and repaint them with totally different atmospheric looks. The new filters are rolling out live starting today on… Read More http://ift.tt/2fmhLHV
25.09.17 Gem looks to CDC and European giant Tieto to take blockchain into healthcare Now, the Venice, Calif.-based company, Gem, is bringing that blockchain technology to a broader set of applications through work the company is conducting with the Centers for Disease Control and with the European technology services company, Tieto. Read More http://ift.tt/2xvkLtJ
25.09.17 Apple switches from Bing to Google for Siri web search results on iOS and Spotlight on Mac Apple is switching the default provider of its web searches from Siri, Search inside iOS (formerly called Spotlight) and Spotlight in Safari on the Mac. So, for instance, if Siri falls back to a web search on iOS when you ask it a question, you’re now going to get Google results instead of Bing. Consistency is Apple’s main motivation given for switching the results from… Read More http://ift.tt/2wfUluw
25.09.17 Mobile hardware lab Nanoport gets $7 million in seed funding Held at Moscone Center in San Francisco earlier this month, Mobile World Congress Americas was a pretty uninspiring show, but a few interesting startups stood out among the rows and rows of mobile companies. Nanoport was among the more interesting exhibits on the floor, offering up an array of different smartphone technologies aimed at rethinking the way we interact with our devices. The… Read More http://ift.tt/2xw6xJn
25.09.17 Tech for good: Filling in the government’s gaps While traditional industries can get away with ignoring broader social ills or hot-button political issues, tech companies big and small are increasingly expected to solve the former and speak out on the latter — a position that’s either totally fair or a too-high standard depending on who you ask. If you asked most of the people on stage at Disrupt last week, that expectation is… Read More http://ift.tt/2yoxduu
25.09.17 Instagram now has 800 million monthly and 500 million daily active users Instagram’s still growing at a rapid pace, having added 100 million new monthly active users in just a month since it last reported a new figure. It now has 800 million users engaging with the service on at least a monthly basis, the company revealed on Monday at an event in NYC, and it has 500 million using the service on a daily basis, too. Instagram announced the 700 million… Read More http://ift.tt/2yB3Mqd
25.09.17 ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ debut led to record sign-ups for CBS’s streaming service CBS’s big bet on “Star Trek: Discovery,” the first Star Trek TV series since “Star Trek: Enterprise” wrapped in 2005, is also serving the network’s big bet on its over-the-top streaming service. While it’s too soon to know if the show will hold up over time, the early numbers are promising, the network says today. According to CBS, the show’s… Read More http://ift.tt/2wOpWIc