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24.11.17 Cut-Out Ink and Pen Illustrations of London’s Oldest Pubs and Other Landmarks by Maxwell Tilse Traveling illustrator Maxwell Tilse documents his European journeys by creating small drawings of each city he lands in. After two years of living in London, Tilse has released a new series of miniature cut-out illustrations that depict the city’s oldest pubs and other famous landmarks. The detailed works are merely 5 cm tall, yet capture the diverse architecture found in London’s pubs and other buildings. The Coach & Horses (pictured above) is a freestanding Tudobethan pub. “The pub itself isn’t anything unique,” explains Tilse in an Instagram post about the drawing. “In fact there are over 50 pubs named Coach & Horses in London alone. But I do love the mock Tudor architecture that’s nestled between the Grand Victorian hotels and galleries.” In each post Tilse provides an historic fact about the provided building, and often describes his relationship to the pub or structure. You can see more of his illustrations documented next to the original building on Instagram, and browse his available works and prints on Etsy. (via ARCHatlas) http://ift.tt/2jXc5d2
24.11.17 Original Content podcast: ‘The Punisher’ arrives with a bang Marvel and Netflix’s latest show The Punisher stars Jon Bernthal as the bloodthirsty superhero. Bernthal first took on the role in the second season of Daredevil, but now he’s the headliner in a story exploring the aftermath of war and a broader government conspiracy. In the latest episode TechCrunch’s Original Content podcast, hosts Darrell Etherington and Anthony Ha debate… Read More http://ift.tt/2B7Sn1o
24.11.17 Friday Link Pack – OMG, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas robot can do an f-ing BACKFLIP! – The Types of Friends You Need To Be Happy In Life – Owning a dog makes you live longer, says science – Who wouldn’t want to hang a timecapsule ornament on their tree? – This makes me want to own a truck. – The Potemkin Village By Gregor Sailer – Disney Animators Share Their ‘Nine Old Men’ Inspiration Stories. We always need to remember and honor the masters that came before us. – This made me laugh. – What the heck?! An Inside Look at the World’s Only Private Boeing 787 Dreamliner Jumbo Jet – Over 400 of the world’s most popular websites record your every keystroke, Princeton researchers find – I want the cat and the catbed. – This stackable bed by IKEA makes for a good kids room bed alternative instead of a Trundle. – I want one of these rechargeable Nomad Lanterns. – The sweet spot between absolute narcissism and crippling self doubt is ART. – I am going to make one of these with my kids. – Stubborn Homeowners Refused To Move, And Faced Unexpected Consequences – The holidays are approaching fast. – Amazon Black Friday Deals. – These are good questions, for any serious relationship: 13 Questions to Ask Before Getting Married – Psst… take 30% off over on Tattly until Monday with discount code BLACKFRIDAY2017. They make the best stocking stuffers, no matter what age! http://ift.tt/2zmLitD
24.11.17 OK Go lets printers do the dancing in new music video The band OK Go is known for its insanely creative music videos. From scooters, to cars, to planes, to treadmills, these guys have perfected the art of unique choreography. But this time, the band is going for something a bit old school. In the new video for “Obsession”, OK Go has created a wall of 557 printers that are used as the backdrop for the band throughout the video. As… Read More http://ift.tt/2hO7QMr
24.11.17 Amazon German, Italian workers protest on Black Friday, dubbed ‘Strike Friday’ Amazon has been one of the strongest driving forces behind the surge of e-commerce holiday sales around Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the rest of the days leading to the end of the new year. Now, some of its workers in Europe have picked one of the biggest shopping days of the year to protest the company’s practices, dubbing the day “Strike Friday” instead. Workers at… Read More http://ift.tt/2i2Q2kD
24.11.17 Art Enamel Pins Inspired by the Masters The Pin Museum has a great selection of enamel pins featuring images lifted from iconic paintings and sculptures from Dali to Van Gogh. Their current lineup includes over a dozen different designs, all available in their online shop. http://ift.tt/2A2IhSP
24.11.17 Shopify’s live streaming the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales frenzy Ever wonder what Black Friday’s consumerist rush looks like in real time? Now you can see it visualized in the stream above, which is a visualization of sales occurring on Shopify’s platform across its many merchants globally. Those dots represent sales in actual merchant stores, and the lines indicate where the buyers are coming from relative to where the shops are based. As you… Read More http://ift.tt/2BiKE1x
24.11.17 Equity podcast: Stitch Fix and Sailpoint get their IPOs done AUDIO Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. This week we assembled the full crew — Matthew Lynley, Katie Roof and Alex Wilhelm — along with Stephanie Palmeri from Uncork Capital. Palmeri has invested in Poshmark, Chariot, and ClassDojo, for context. Her investment in Poshmark made her… Read More http://ift.tt/2zzBO2g
24.11.17 Oral History: How Marvel’s Creative Head Helped Bring Nintendo to America It all started at FAO Schwarz in New York City. http://ift.tt/2jW0Mla
24.11.17 Twitter testing a feature that shows how many are ‘talking about’ tweets Twitter is experimenting with a new feature that will show how many people are “talking about” individual, popular tweets. The metric shows up under some embedded tweets when they appear elsewhere on the web, and seems to replace both the retweet and replies totals with one, cumulative total. The new look for embeds as seen above is just a small experiment according to Dan Jackson,… Read More http://ift.tt/2A7PwX8