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24.07.17 Netflix was the top grossing app in Q2, with mobile revenue up 233% since last year Netflix’s booming subscriber growth, announced in the company’s earnings last week, is also being felt on the App Store, where its app has again become the top earner in terms of revenue. According a recent report from app store analytics firm Sensor Tower, the app in Q2 saw 233 percent revenue growth year-over-year to $153 million in the most recent quarter. That’s up from… Read More http://ift.tt/2tuy372
24.07.17 Great News! You Can Mute Gmail Threads Your saving grace when someone overuses the “Reply All” function. http://ift.tt/2vSttQU
24.07.17 River Stones with Pouches Unzip to Reveal Hidden Scenes and Objects Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito’s sculptural works are a surreal contradiction of materials that seemingly shouldn’t exist, and yet here they are. The smooth stones of variable shape and size are each embedded with zippers that open to reveal hidden objects like collections of coins or marbles, while some of his more popular works incorporate a rather sinister toothy mouth. Ito finds the rocks in a riverbed near his home and works with the natural shape of each object to form the pouch and scene inside. Ito had a solo show last month at Little High Gallery in Tokyo called “Mysterious Stone!” and you can see more of his ongoing stone carving work on Facebook. (via Geyser of Awesome) http://ift.tt/2us4pAF
24.07.17 Daimler and Bosch create a driverless parking garage Daimler and Bosch teamed up to bring autonomous driving tech to one of the more annoying parts of driving – finding and parking a vehicle. Their automated valet system is debuting today at the parking garage for the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, making it easy for vehicles to simple drive up, leave their vehicle, and trust the system to negotiate the multi-story parking… Read More http://ift.tt/2v0iCaW
24.07.17 BentoBox, the website builder for restauranteurs, cooks up $4.8M Series A Restaurant owners have a lot of responsibilities and a wide array of skills to handle those responsibilities. That said, building a website isn’t usually within that skill-set. That’s where BentoBox comes in. The company, which helps restaurant owners quickly build full-featured websites for their restaurants, has just closed a $4.8 million Series A funding round. The round was led… Read More http://ift.tt/2v09ljm
24.07.17 Amber Vittoria Amber Vittoria is an illustrator living and working in New York City. She often employs round organic shapes and loose brushstrokes to illustrate the collections of high-end fashion brands. Hoping to empower the female form, she features the outfits on a variety of body types. She also challenges society’s standards of beauty by highlighting her figures’ disproportionate physiques and thick dark body hair. The juxtaposition of these elements highlight the grandiose and inventive nature of high-fashion while simultaneously defying the physical ideals the industry promotes. Her compelling pieces have graced the pages of prominent publications such as The New York Times, Teen Vogue, and Man Repeller. ——————– Also worth viewing: Jee-ook ChoiLucy JonesNejc Prah Follow us on RSS, Instagram, Pinterest, Wanelo, ——————– Share on Facebook Thanks to this week’s sponsor – Skillshare – Click here to get 2 months of Skillshare Premium for free. http://ift.tt/2tuzFxy
24.07.17 Nexar releases 55K street pics from 80 countries to spur autonomous driving Nexar has released a dataset that it says is the world’s largest photo set featuring geographically diverse images for automotive tech development, for an open competition. There are 55,000 tagged photos in the set, taking from over 80 countries, in a variety of lighting and weather conditions. Each of the photos is taken from street level, using Nexar’s community-based V2V dashcam… Read More http://ift.tt/2upF2Bc
24.07.17 What It’s Like Living in the Land of Natural Disasters Indonesia is a gorgeous archipelago of 13,700 islands. And home to 289 natural disasters a year. http://ift.tt/2eHDFII
24.07.17 Hinge Health closes $8M Series A led by Atomico to ‘digitize delivery of healthcare’ Hinge Health, a startup originally founded out of London but that has since moved its headquarters to San Francisco, is on mission to “digitize the delivery of healthcare”. Beginning with musculoskeletal (MSK) disorders, the company is combining wearable sensors, an app, health coaching and peer support to remotely deliver physical therapy and behavioural health for chronic conditions Read More http://ift.tt/2uPnvmJ
24.07.17 Australia’s Expert360 raises $10M for its freelance consultant marketplace Freelance workers and consultants make up a third of the US workforce, but that figure is expected to approach 40 per cent according to some studies. And we know how big the overall gig economy is going to become. Thus, marketplaces which meet that need are going to continue to grow. Hence, this is probably why Expert360, an online marketplace to access and manage freelance consultant talent… Read More http://ift.tt/2urZG24