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20.10.17 Rebecca Kaden joins Union Square Ventures as general partner Rebecca Kaden has announced that she’s leaving Maveron to join Union Square Ventures as a general partner on the investment team. She’ll be the first female partner at USV. “While their investments in many category-defining businesses speak for themselves, I quickly learned that their passion around entrepreneurs and innovation, deep curiosity, hunger, and belief in… Read More http://ift.tt/2xW2rxu
20.10.17 Twitch unveils a suite of new tools to help creators grow their channels and make money Amazon-owned video game streaming site Twitch today announced a number of new features for streamers aimed at helping their grow their online communities and generate revenue from their online channels. Notably, the company will soon debut several features that will allow video creators to better track their path towards achieving either Affiliate or Partner status – a designation… Read More http://ift.tt/2xV9TZx
20.10.17 Google says 64% of Chrome traffic on Android now protected with HTTPS, 75% on Mac, 66% on Windows Google’s push to make the web more secure by flagging sites using insecure HTTP connections appears to be working. The company announced today that 64 percent of Chrome traffic on Android is now protected, up 42 percent from a year ago. In addition, over 75 percent of Chrome traffic on both ChromeOS and Mac is now protected, up from 60 percent on Mac and 67 percent on ChromeOS a year ago. Read More http://ift.tt/2yWY2KX
20.10.17 Flexible car ownership marketplace Fair.com nabs up to $1B from BMW, Penske and Sherpa Capital Fair.com — an all-digital car marketplace that was co-founded by car industry vets Georg Bauer of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Tesla; Scott Painter of TrueCar; and Fedor Artiles of Mercedes-Benz, Chrysler, Volkswagen, and Tesla — has been largely operating under the radar since quietly launching its business earlier this year. But today, it’s coming roaring down the street,… Read More http://ift.tt/2ipt7zQ
20.10.17 The Information reveals the startups in its first media accelerator and plans hiring spree Business is looking for good for subscription-based tech news site The Information. This summer it announced plans for an accelerator program to encourage others to leap into paid media and today, at its summit event, it revealed the five successful applicants in batch one as well as its own hiring plans. The accelerator has a pretty diverse bunch which cover subjects that include tech —… Read More http://ift.tt/2hSgWax
20.10.17 http://ift.tt/2hTngP9
20.10.17 Sneaker and streetwear reseller Stadium Goods just launched their first app Stadium Goods, the online (and brick and mortar) marketplace for highly sought after sneakers and streetwear, is launching its first app. Live today to coincide with the startup’s two year anniversary, the first iteration of the app is basically just a mobile marketplace. But Stadium Goods plans to eventually build out this functionality and take advantage of location services and… Read More http://ift.tt/2yWaRVG
20.10.17 http://ift.tt/2yCjGCE
20.10.17 Spotted: New Name and Logo for CBOE Global Markets Visit Link About Spotted posts No further images are included. No opinion is given. Not even a punny title. These are just… spotted. Best available link to learn more about the change (or the company) provided in the link above. Poll and comments are open. http://ift.tt/2l42Rfh http://ift.tt/2xUHGlR
20.10.17 Commuter shuttle bus Chariot halts services in SF Chariot, the commuter shuttle bus network that Ford Smart Mobility acquired in 2016, has halted its services in San Francisco, the San Francisco Business Times first reported. On Wednesday, the California Public Utilities Commission suspended Chariot’s operating permit after the service didn’t pass three consecutive California Highway Patrol inspections. “On three separate… Read More http://ift.tt/2yCcvss