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30.03.17 Roboteam is building a 10,000-strong robot army for your home At this very moment, there’s someone working away in a factory somewhere in Shenzhen or at a manufacturing plant in Israel, or maybe even a facility in Gaithersburg, Md., prepping the assembly of one of the 10,000 robots that a small Israeli company wants to bring into the world this November. Read More http://ift.tt/2nAxeY4
30.03.17 The enterprise strikes back For startups working to sell to large corporations, their investors and their tens of thousands of employees, it’s welcome news. A confluence of factors may make 2017 fertile ground for tech offerings. The stock market is at record highs, last year’s IPO crop such as it was is outperforming the preceding group, 2017’s own brace of offerings are doing well in the market and… Read More http://ift.tt/2omorJf
30.03.17 Clinton and Rubio allegedly targeted by Russian hackers Sen. Marco Rubio announced during a Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing today that members of his former presidential campaign were targeted by hackers from IP addresses located in Russia. Thomas Rid, a professor at King’s College, also testified at the hearing that Russian attacks on the Clinton campaign were more widespread than previously known. Rubio said that members of… Read More http://ift.tt/2omkl48
30.03.17 This Life Insurance Ad This Thai Life Insurance Ad goes straight in the heart. http://ift.tt/2odXGtv
30.03.17 Watch SpaceX’s first launch with a reused Falcon 9 rocket right here SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 rocket at 6:27 PM EDT (3:27 PM PDT) today, provided all goes to plan. The company has launched many Falcon 9 rockets in the past, but this time is a bit different – the rocket in this case has already been launched once before, and will now carry a payload for commercial client SES for its second go-around. You can watch the whole thing unfold above… Read More http://ift.tt/2nQ49u6
30.03.17 A Silicon Valley Lawmaker’s $1 Trillion Plan to Save Trump Country Silicon Valley’s newest member of Congress wants lawmakers to embrace one of tech’s favorite ideas: a basic income to counter the impact of automation. The post A Silicon Valley Lawmaker’s $1 Trillion Plan to Save Trump Country appeared first on WIRED. http://ift.tt/2nEyb3l
30.03.17 Coroflot Sketch Jam Coroflot will host its first ever Sketch Jam on April 26th from 6-9PM at the Hand-Eye Supply’s Glisan Garage in Downtown Portland, Oregon. http://ift.tt/2nnUVBZ
30.03.17 Fun Black and White Murals of Friends and Family by Alex Senna It’s not often that you walk down the street and encounter an artwork that warms your heart or brings a smile to your face, but for Brazilian street artist and muralist Alex Senna, positive emotion seems to be his visual currency. His lanky black and white characters are often found in a variety of hopeful, loving, and positive scenes from a pair of lovers embracing to a family riding a bicycle. To intensify their emotional depth Senna often gives the flat characters broad shadows that stretch out larger-than-life across urban walls. You can check out more of Senna’s work on Instagram. http://ift.tt/2om4G4S
30.03.17 Valerian’s Biggest PR Problem: It Did Everything First To sell Luc Besson’s latest sci-fi epic, his studio has to make it look familiar—but also new. The post Valerian’s Biggest PR Problem: It Did Everything First appeared first on WIRED. http://ift.tt/2nEaKHA
30.03.17 Big Cable’s Case for Selling Your Data Doesn’t Hold Up ISPs claim they want a level playing field, but it’s already tilted in their favor. The post Big Cable’s Case for Selling Your Data Doesn’t Hold Up appeared first on WIRED. http://ift.tt/2nkhGGk